timelordys: "your new video is amazing :3"

Thank you! :3

Anonymous: "do you think phan is real??"

i’m leaning towards yes.. but like i said, it’s no one’s business except their own.

i love dan and phil and ship them a lot a lot but the fandom pisses me off so much. stop asking them about their sexual orientation or their relationship or telling them to come out of the closet. especially in their live shows. just absolutely shut up. that is no one’s business but theirs. i know that most the fandom means to be supportive but constantly asking them is not how you do it. the majority of the shippers are straight teenage girls who cant fully understand what goes through your head when people question your sexuality, even if you are comfortable with it yourself. and its not as easy as saying ‘yo im gay/bisexual’. if dan and phil are gay/bisexual, it is their choice when they tell people, if at all. basically just stop.

I’m Clara Oswald. Human. I’ve agreed to this memory wipe of my own free will. Do I really have to touch that worm thing?

clara’s face when she saw saibra morph into her though

more like “impressed and oddly aroused”

Anonymous: "You made that video? My computer is awful, so I'm not able to watch it yet, but you know, that's so amazing!!! Cool for you, that's so awesome that you were able to make that, and to put it online must have taken a lot of courage, I'm really proud of you. I'm sure it's absolutely wonderful."

I don’t know about courageous but yes I made it :) Thanks!